Eberspaecher and New Subsidiary Eberspaecher Kalori to Exhibit Broad Product Range at bauma 2019

Several climate control products will be on display, including an electric high-voltage heater which will be presented for the first time at bauma.

The Hydronic S3 Commercial enables modern CAN communication.
The Hydronic S3 Commercial enables modern CAN communication.

Excavators, cranes, and other construction machinery must be ready for use in any weather. Perfect thermal management ensures this. At bauma 2019 in Munich, Eberspaecher (Hall A4, Booth 249) and its newest subsidiary Eberspaecher Kalori (Hall A5, Booth 351) will present their comprehensive product portfolio for construction machinery.

Eberspaecher, as an expert for heating and cooling, is a reliable partner for vehicle and cabin manufacturers. After taking over the French air-conditioning specialist Kalori SAS, the Esslingen-based company is further expanding its expertise as a system provider. Customers, suppliers, and service partners benefit from the acquisition thanks to the enhanced product portfolio. The Falkon Kombi evaporator from Eberspaecher Kalori is also available as an HVAC variant.The Falkon Kombi evaporator from Eberspaecher Kalori is also available as an HVAC variant.

Perfect climate

The heating and cooling systems of the climate control specialists contribute to increased comfort and safety at construction sites. They also ensure compliance with statutory workplace regulations. It goes without saying that machine operators are more attentive and efficient in an ideally temperature-controlled driver’s cab. To keep a cool head in the summer and to concentrate and focus on the task at hand, Eberspaecher offers climate control solutions for every cab – from plain air-conditioning to complete thermal management. The proven Falkon Kombi evaporator, for example, is available as an HVAC version in various designs. Its compact design facilitates installation in the cabin roof. A further addition to the product range is the TrimLine series: Suitable air diffusers for every application ensure efficient air distribution in the passenger compartment. Thanks to their standard dimensions, the air vents can be easily integrated into the dashboard. 

Prepared for the cold season

Especially at temperatures below zero, the vehicle engine must operate reliably. Under such conditions, a cold engine starts with higher wear and tears more emissions. Allowing it to run permanently in order to avoid cold starts is expensive and harmful to the environment. A more economical and environmentally-friendly alternative is an engine-independent water heater, such as the new Hydronic S3 Commercial. It features a switching plus and CAN connection. Modern CAN communication enables integration even in complex central control systems with comprehensive diagnostic options. The Plugtronic electric heater is an ideal complement to the fuel-operated heater. It can be operated in closed rooms and already preheats the engine emission free at the depot using the 230V power connection. An electric high-voltage heater will be presented for the first time at bauma: Eberspaecher is already the market leader with its electric water heater and is now also showcasing the ideal solution for future generations of electric construction machinery in the off-highway sector.