Bergstrom NITE Phoenix Space Saving Innovation (SSI) System

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The NITE Phoenix Space Saving Innovation (SSI) is a battery-operated A/C split system that has the highest cooling capacity of any battery-powered, no-idle system on the market.

  • First unit with bluetooth technology
  • Designed to fit all sleepers
  • Condenser/evaporator split system
  • Plastic internal unit, durable external condenser assembly
  • Automatic digital temperature control 
  • Electrified A/C unit runs on four auxiliary AGM / deep cycle batteries 
  • California Air Resources Board (CARB) ARB #08-643-004
  • Unit runs 8-10 hours (depending on ambient temperature, solar load and truck insulation)
  • Installs easily under bunk 
  • Rotatable blower assembly to adapt to OEM ductwork in select applications 
  • Aluminum framed recirculation filter gives extended coil life 
  • Serviceable TXV, evaporator coil and TXV slimline seals 
  • Serviceable drier in condenser assembly 
  • Brushless motors in compressor and condenser fan for extended life
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