H.O. Bostrom TerraGlide EX8/ABTS Seat

At CONEXPO, H.O. Bostrom introduced its TerraGlide EX8/ABTS seat with occupant rollover warning and protection seatbelt system.

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H.O. Bostrom has unveiled its TerraGlide EX8/ABTS seat, bringing together the latest technology in safety and comfort for construction equipment operators.  

  • Features first-of-its-kind occupant rollover warning and protection seatbelt system from TPS SCHROTH
  • Includes highly-engineered eight-way electric adjustment, ergonomic styling and RiteHite customized seat belt fit
  • Occupant rollover warning and protection technology contains multiple progressive safety features
  • When vehicle angle reaches 15 degrees, seat belt vibrates to warn driver of possible rollover
  • At 30 degrees pull-back feature utilizing motorized retractor pulls occupant into seat to protect in the event of roll over
  • Seat belt webbing is automatically retracted away from driver when belt is unlatched
  • System angle settings can be custom programmed to meet individual needs
  • RiteHite customized seat belt fit technology allows adjustment of seatbelt height for varying sized operators
  • Eight-way electric adjustment allows for optimized positioning of driver to vehicle controls
  • Comes with optional CommandCom hands-free communications technology
  • CommandCom fully integrates speakers and microphone system into seat headset for hands-free dispatch and intercom communications
  • Available with customized options such as armrests, embroidered corporate logo, and various trim materials and colors
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