Pneumatic and Cable Controls

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A bankable proportional pneumatic control range from Nimco Inc. includes both single- and dual-axis joystick controls, each axis consisting of two pressure reducing valves proportionally directing air pressure to the controlled unit.

  • Control spring centered or detent
  • Optional electrical switches
  • P-Box is an encapsulated electro-pneumatic control box for on/off pneumatic valve controls with one to five valve sections
  • P-Box consists of 2-10 electro pneumatic on/off valves fitted in a sealed polycarbonate enclosure 
  • P-Box operates on 12 or 24V DC
  • WK300 ergonomic wire control joystick can be customized at the top of the handgrip with a diagram and/or logo
  • Double axis joystick has up to three electrical switches


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