CrossControl Multifunctional ISOBUS Terminals

CrossControl's multifunctional ISOBUS terminals eliminate the need to have multiple displays within a vehicle cab, and will be displayed at Agritechnica 2017.

7 in. multifunctional terminal
7 in. multifunctional terminal
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CrossControl is launching a line of terminals for the agricultural market which come with ISOBUS Universal Terminal and Task Controller functionality, and can also run other functionality in parallel with ISOBUS.

  • Display sizes of 7 and 12 in. (17.78 and 30.48 cm)
  • Enables ISOBUS UT to be run on same screen as instrumentation GUI, video images from connected cameras, electronic manuals, condition/health monitoring information, guidance and auto-steer, and more
  • Multifunctional capability eliminates need for separate displays for various subsystems, saving space within the operator cab
  • Provides single display to monitor all critical information, side by side, in seamless design customized to specific machine and interface requirements
  • Features open and modular software platform – LinX Software Suite
  • ISOBUS UT has been “widgetized” for ease of use, meaning different blocks making up the UT are made into graphical widgets, providing flexibility in how the integrated GUI is designed

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