Normally Open Prolonged Pulse PBA Piezoelectric Switches

APEM Components introduces its PBA piezoelectric switches for use in demanding environments.

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APEM Components, Inc., a manufacturer of quality switches and joysticks, announces the availability of its normally open (NO) prolonged pulse PBA piezoelectric (piezo) switches. The switches are ideal for demanding environments, including medical, testing and mining equipment, food preparation, vending machines and remote controls.

  • Requires only 2 wires
  • Can directly replace electromechanical switches
  • Provides long life in a sealed, washable, contemporary design
  • Available in seven standard colors
  • C function mimics behavior of a standard switch--longer actuator pressing provides longer output response, up to 20 seconds
  • Consumes no power, and uses no external power source, ground or power wires
  • Lack of electronic interface allows ease of use and expanded piezo technology application possibilities
  • Prolonged pulse reduces false activations or progressive gauge option
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