APEM EC Series Compact Emergency Stop Switch

APEM's new EC series is suited for use in material handling, AGVs and off-road vehicles.

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APEM has launched the EC Series compact emergency stop switch with an integrated connector for easy mounting.

  • Available with solder lug terminal or a connector for easy integration
  • Standard Ø22 mm diameter bushing
  • Ergonomic design
  • Vibration-resistant and ideally suited for use on material handling, automated guided vehicles (AGV) and off-road vehicles
  • Connector terminal makes mounting easier and safer as the connection between the switch and cable bundle is immediate
  • Limited under-panel depth and 22 mm (0.86 in.) diameter bushing suits applications where compact design is required
  • Front panel sealed up to IP65
  • Qualified to the latest international standards EN 60947-5-1 and EN 60947-5-5

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