APEM FNR Series Completely Sealed Rocker Switch

The FNR Series rocker switch is specifically designed for easy forward & reverse control.

Apem Fnr Rocker (1)
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APEM Inc. introduces the FNR Series completely sealed rocker switch which is well suited for mounting on control levers.

  • Specifically designed for easy forward & reverse control
  • Suited for demanding environments, especially on all-in-one joystick controls
  • Features circular shape (22 mm/0.87 in. diameter) and embedded LED resistors
  • Can easily be mounted and installed on a control lever
  • SIL2 compatible and sealed to IP69K
  • Ergonomically optimized and has excellent tactile effect
  • Whether mounted on the forward side of joystick or on the lever, ergonomic size and height allows for more intuitive user experience
  • Handling is comfortable and precise, even when used repeatedly  
  • Can be personalized for backlighting (five colors available), markings, extra sealing, flying leads output (type and length) and connectors

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