Renault Trucks D Wide Z.E. Fitted with Solar Panels

Solar panels have been fitted onto the body of the electric truck to power its refrigeration unit.

Rhyner Renault Trucks D Wide Ze Electric Solar Panels 01
Renault Trucks

Strongly committed to sustainable transport, Rhyner Logistik has acquired a Renault Trucks D Wide Z.E. to supply Denner supermarkets. As part of this approach, the Swiss haulier has also fitted solar panels onto the body of its electric truck to power the refrigeration unit. A fully-electric, 26-ton D Wide Z.E. has joined the one hundred-strong fleet of trucks belonging to Rhyner Logistik. It now supplies the Denner supermarkets in Zurich and its suburbs, while respecting the environment and quality of life of local residents.

To take its virtuous approach one step further, Rhyner Logistik decided to have solar panels fitted onto the vehicle body to provide green energy for the refrigeration unit. This system is particularly suited to temperature-controlled transport, because it is when outside temperatures are high and the sun is therefore strong, that the cooling is most needed.

As it is convinced that electric mobility is the most effective way to achieve carbon neutrality, Rhyner Logistik has also acquired a rapid charging station. To optimize autonomy, the truck is charged at the depot during loading operations. Because the truck is driven in an urban environment that requires frequent braking, energy recovery also leads to savings of 20-30%, which translate into additional kilometers. It is a global approach that achieves an optimal result.

Renault Trucks D Wide Z.E., technical specificities

  • GVW: 26 t Weight: 27 T.
  • Available wheelbase: 3,900 mm
  • Two electric motors with a total rating of 370 kW (260 kW continuous output)
  • Maximum torque of electric motors: 850 Nm
  • Maximum torque rear axle: 28 kNm
  • Two-speed gear box
  • Energy storage: lithium-ion batteries, 200-265 kWh
  • Real-world operating range: up to 180 km

Rhyner Renault Trucks D Wide Ze Electric Solar Panels 02Renault Trucks