TERRASTEER Steering Axles

The ZF TERRASTEER steering axles feature performance-optimized, friction-reduced roller bearings for improved efficiency and lower operating costs.

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At the production start of the ZF TERRASTEER, three tractor models between 90 and 230 hp will be available. These are the TSA 09, TSA 11, TSA 20 and TSA 23 axles, with further axles in development which replace the present axle generation AS-3000. 

  • Use of performance-optimized and friction-reduced roller bearings, as well as fuel-efficient oil helps improve efficiency and lower operation costs
  • Strength-optimized housing concept provides weight savings
  • Delivers increased power density
  • Covered bevel gear set minimizes chances of splashing oil and thus reduces performance losses
  • Lube-for-life bearings and extended oil change intervals ensure low maintenance expenses
  • High steering angles up to 55 degrees provide better tractor maneuverability 
  • High-quality sealing concept enable survival in extreme operating conditions 
  • Modular design offers more flexibility when selecting application-specific options
  • Options include limited slip differential for high traction force on difficult terrain, hydraulic dog clutch lock, hydraulic multi-disc differential lock for optimal traction in any condition, and limited slip differential with additional multi-disc lock
  • Steering angle sensor can be integrated into the axle if required
  • Angle sensor provides information for application of automatic track guidance systems and driveline management systems 
  • Available with center or above-center oscillation 
  • Above-center oscillation enables higher pendulum angles for improved stability in uneven terrain 
  • Center oscillation facilitates connection between transmission and axle 
  • Standard oscillatory suspension can be supplemented with a hydro-pneumatic suspension with  appropriate mountings integrated into the structural parts 
  • Development and tuning of hydro-pneumatic suspension for specific application is also available 
  • Brakes are optionally available on request
  • Optional low-maintenance wet multi-disc brakes in wheel heads provide more safety at high travel speeds with lower power losses 
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