AxleTech Variable Track Axle

The variable track axle from AxleTech features wider axle extensions which allow for a full 15 in. extension per side, 150% more than extension of competing designs.

Axle Tech Variable Track Axle
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AxleTech partnered with RBR Enterprise, a leading manufacturer of agricultural equipment, to introduce the RBR Vector 300 with variable track axles.

  • Mechanically-driven steerable axles
  • Adjusts to varying row crops in five different track widths: 114 in. (289.6 cm), 120 in. (304.8 cm), 132 in. (335.3 cm), 138 in. (350.5 cm), and 144 in. (365.8 cm) 
  • Wider axle extensions allows for full 15 in. (38.1 cm) extension per side, 150% more than extension of competing designs 
  • At push of a button vehicle can adjust to five necessary track locations which enhances productivity when working in varying row widths 
  • Allows vehicle to turn on a dime, reducing turning radius by almost half 
  • Four-wheel steer allows for increased maneuverability at the end of a pass
  • Crab steer enables greater control when operating on hillsides
  • Gross Axle Weight Rating (GAWR) of 32,000 lbs. (14.5 T)

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