Electronically Controlled Air Suspension

Meritor WABCO's Electronically Controlled Air Suspension is now available for OEM and aftermarket installation.

Meritor WABCO announces that its Electronically Controlled Air Suspension (ECAS) is available for both OEM installation and aftermarket retro-fit.

  • Provides “intelligent load transfer” to help improve traction and reduce tire wear for fleets already using 6X2 vehicle configurations for weight and fuel savings
  • For fleets considering 6X2 configurations, offers assurance of optimal traction and ride performance to support conversion to 6X2 for fuel and weight savings 
  • Offers enhanced traction capability, improved drive axle tire wear, reduced parasitic loss and weight savings.
  • Features accurate, electronic maintenance and control of ride height between axles and chassis
  • Reduces air consumption for better fuel economy through decreased compressor duty cycle with air spring pressure adjustment only occurring when there is a change in load
  • Quick and automatic load transfer from tag to drive axle reduces drive axle wheel spin during low traction events
  • Provides faster coupling/uncoupling process due to faster inflating/deflating of air bellows when compared to mechanical leveling valves
  • Includes speed-activated driveline protection via automatic increase in driving level
  • Manual lift axle control reduces roll resistance when the vehicle is unladen
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