Link ROI Auxiliary Suspension Systems

The ROI Auxiliary Suspension Systems are able to sense when the vehicle’s load has changed and automatically deploys or retracts the auxiliary suspension system as needed.

8K Self-steer auxiliary suspension
8K Self-steer auxiliary suspension
Link Mfg., Ltd

Link Mfg., Ltd. has unveiled a family of intelligent auxiliary suspension systems using the company’s Road Optimized Innovation (ROI) technology, the 8K, 10K, 13.5K and 20K ROI Auxiliary Suspensions Systems.

  • Smart load-balancing suspensions
  • Senses and maintains optimal tire-to-ground pressure, reducing tire wear and maximizing fuel mileage
  • Eliminates guesswork of when to lift or lower suspension to maintain maximum traction without overloading the axles   
  • ROI technology senses when vehicle’s load has changed and automatically deploys or retracts the auxiliary suspension system as needed   
  • Determines the load needed to bear and automatically adjusts to precisely accommodate that weight
  • Automatically responds to the vehicle’s wheel traction and eliminates need to be manually retracted
  • Senses the absence of surface friction in snow, mud and other challenging conditions and reduces pressure as needed to shift the requisite tractive force to the drive axles working in conjunction with the vehicle’s ABS (anti-lock braking)
  • Keeps vehicle’s drive axles loaded, keeping traction, and braking at optimal performance levels
  • ROI technology reduces strain on frames and primary suspension components and lowers operating costs
  • Suitable for trucks and tractors in the heavy-duty on- and off-highway arena, including dump bodies, cement trucks, roll-off trucks and other vocational applications
  • Provides good handling, better fuel mileage, reduced tire wear, more uptime, and a lower overall cost of ownership

10K Self-steer auxiliary suspension10K Self-steer auxiliary suspensionLink Mfg., Ltd.

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