Heavy-Duty Vehicle Suspension Air Bag

The Heavy-Duty Vehicle Suspension Air Bag from ContiTech Air Spring Systems eases ride comfort and protects vehicle bodies in heavy-duty applications.

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The ContiTech Air Spring Systems' Heavy-Duty Vehicle Suspension Air Bag (also known as air springs) helps ease ride comfort and protect the vehicle body from the harsh operating conditions of off-road applications.

  • Can be piston-style, rolling lobe air spring designs, or convoluted bellows design
  • Two air springs are included on each axle assembly
  • Air-spring axles are built as steered single axles and as single, double and triple axle assemblies
  • For multi-axle combinations, one axle is provided with an axle-lifting device in the form of an air bellow to protect the tires on empty runs
  • Air springs for multi-axle combinations are characterized by a high load carrying capacity and large spring deflections
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