Hendrickson Suspension to be Utilized on Air Transportable ARFF Vehicle for U.S. Air Force

Hendrickson’s Long Travel Trailing Arm Suspension allows a variety of packaging, ride heights, ride tuning and stability requirements for a fully customizable design.

Eone Titan At

Hendrickson Truck Commercial Vehicle Systems and E-ONE, a subsidiary of REV Group, announced the start of deliveries to the United States Air Force of the newly designed E-ONE TITAN 4×4 Air Transportable (AT) ARFF P-19C vehicle equipped with Hendrickson’s Long Travel Trailing Arm Suspension. E-ONE’s contract is currently for 49 air transportable ARFF vehicles. 

Hendrickson’s Long Travel Trailing Arm Suspension is ideal for commercial and military applications requiring advanced wheel travel for outstanding maneuverability while protecting driver and vehicle equipment. With less system complexity, more weight savings and less scheduled maintenance over competitive ARFF options at a fraction of the cost, this suspension allows a variety of packaging, ride heights, ride tuning and stability requirements for a fully customizable design to meet the stringent performance characteristics demanded by the U.S. Air Force.

Paired with the E-ONE TITAN 4X4 ARFF, the suspension system will help support the U.S. Air Force’s requirements for load height, air transport weight, and packaging efficiency. The ARFF will support mobility, stability, and sustainment operations for the Air Force as they work in areas of the world with austere infrastructures and little or no host nation support.

Chris Batsch, Director of the Specialty Vehicle and Elastomer Business Units at Hendrickson Truck Commercial Vehicle Systems, says, “Hendrickson and E-ONE have come together to provide a complete integrated vehicle system encompassing the latest in technical innovation to the Air Force fleet while meeting stringent requirements. Hendrickson’s chassis integration experience, vehicle dynamics expertise, and history of high-mobility, heavy duty suspension design offer the U.S. Air Force ARFF superior suspension travel, load-carrying capacity and vehicle performance.”                                                                              

“The new TITAN AT will be the workhorse for our deployed firefighters and E-ONE has ensured it meets our requirements wherever the mission is requested,” says Fred Terryn, Fire Vehicle Program Manager for the U.S. Air Force. 

“E-ONE has successfully worked with Hendrickson for many years on several different types of suspensions. When we came to them with a unique and challenging list of requirements for a new suspension, they stepped up to the plate right away. Their expertise in suspension design and integration was a key part of the project,” says Neal Davis, Engineering Manager for Advanced Product Development at E-ONE.