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The highly tunable 780 torque converter drive clutch by Comet Clutches can be used with several different driven diameters and spring configurations to obtain the ideal driver to driven ratios for each specific application. Torque sensitive drives are particularly suited to those applications where immediate response to torque demand is required for down shifting and where engine speed is ideally maintained at its peak rpm.

  • Light-weight aluminum die castings provide one of the lightest, high capacity drives on the market
  • OEM and aftermarket parts available
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Drive pulley dimensions are 7.22 in. outside diameter
  • Weighs 6.84 lbs.
  • Driven pulley available in diameters of 9.91 in., 9.83 in., 9.26 in. and 8.45 in.
  • Engine rating: 4 cycle - 20 hp; 2 cycle - 30 hp
  • Bore size: 1 in. drive
  • Engagement: 750 rpm - 3,750 rpm max
  • Applications include concrete buggies, walk-behind and ride-on trowels, personnel carriers, golf carts, UTVs and ATVs
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