LITEFORCE Contact Technology

High pin-count automotive connectors with reduced insertion force and increased current rating or higher vibration resistance.


Automotive innovation, driven by environmental, safety and lifestyle requirements, means that manufacturers are putting more and more electronic content in their vehicles with ever increasing numbers of electronic control units (ECU). This is leading to an increasing use of high pin count connectors whose assembly require greater levels of manual force. This additional physical strain placed on workers can cause ergonomic discomfort in the workplace and long term worker health issues with the resultant lost working time and potential industrial relations issues. 

LITEFORCE is a new terminal design that helps address the conflict between technological requirements and manual workers’ health. It’s new “wave” form contact technology can facilitate connector mating forces by up to 52% compared to traditional “sphere-against-flat contact geometry”. At the same time, it has the potential to increase the current capacity by up to 26% as well as significantly increase vibration resistance.