OPTOEDGE Safety Edge Sensor

The OPTOEDGE sensor signals the control system whenever the edge comes into contact with a solid object.

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The VITECTOR unit of FRABA Inc. announces the availability of two versions, one utilizing infrared light and the other air pressure, of its safety edges. Safety edges are devices that are mounted on the edges of large moving objects – such as doors – to provide a warning signal when the object comes into contact with a person or other object in its path. This signal prompts the control system driving the equipment to stop or reverse movement before injury or damage occurs. 

  • Infrared light version: A hollow rubber tube is mounted on edge of the moving object with an infrared light source mounted at one end and a sensor at the other. If the tube is deformed because of contact between the moving edge and another object, the light path is partially blocked and the optical sensor sends a warning to the control system
  • Able to distinguish between insignificant events and potentially dangerous collisions.
  • Air pressure version: Hollow rubber profile mounted on the edge of the moving object is sealed and connected to a sensitive pressure switch.
  • The optical safety edge is designed for critical safety applications. A malfunction anywhere in the system will cause a warning signal to be sent to the control system
  • The pneumatic system lacks this fail-safe feature, but is less expensive and suitable for non-critical installations
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