Viatran Model 247/347 Series Pressure Transmitters

The Model 247/347 Series pressure transmitters from Viatran have a higher mass diaphragm which withstands short-term overpressure conditions common to hydraulic testing and control applications.

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Viatran has announced the global market introduction of its Model 247/347 Series pressure transmitters.

  • Provides reliable performance within demanding industrial and OEM environments
  • All-welded design incorporates bonded foil strain gage on a hardened stainless steel diaphragm, along with fully potted electronics
  • Higher mass diaphragm withstands short-term overpressure conditions, or pressure spikes, most common to hydraulic testing and control applications
  • Includes piezoresistive silicon sensing element for lower pressure measurements (3-200 psi/0.34-13.7 bar)
  • Available in 24 unique full-scale pressure ranges and with a variety of electrical connections
  • Electrical connections include a weather-resistant industry standard DIN 43650 connector, 6-pin Bayonet or direct coupled cable, and a choice of a 1/4 in. NPT or SAE female pressure port
  • Standard zero adjustment control makes setup quick and simple
  • Special ranges and outputs are available upon request
  • Typical applications include hydraulic testing and control, use in off-road equipment and off-highway vehicle transmission and lube oil pressure measurements, and general industrial and OEM pressure measurements
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