Curtiss-Wright Pressure Sensors

The latest generation of pressure sensors from Curtiss-Wright feature piezo-resistive sensing technology for inherent accuracy and a robustly designed stainless-steel body construction.

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Curtiss-Wright’s Industrial division has announced the launch of a range of robust pressure sensors which have been designed for numerous industrial pressure sensing applications.

  • Wide range of models and configurations offer an extensive choice of cost-effective solutions from low-cost, high-volume OEM production to high-performance R&D
  • Features thin-film and diffused-silicon sensing elements
  • Piezo-resistive sensing technology is inherently accurate, small and robust with stainless-steel body construction
  • Integrated into stainless-steel housing with choice of pressure port and electrical connection, enabling adaptability into numerous sensor configurations to suit specific customer needs
  • Pressure modes include absolute (relative to a vacuum), gauge (relative to ambient atmospheric), differential and sealed reference options
  • Measurement accuracies nominally 0.5% at room temperature, with an option to 0.1% in the high precision range
  • Special intrinsically-safe ATEX/EX approved versions are available for use in Zone 0 and 1 hazardous areas

Stainless Steel Version

  • Thin-film polysilicon resistors are applied to a stainless-steel diaphragm that deflects under pressure from the measured media, providing a varying voltage that can be converted into other electrical outputs
  • Ensures long-term stability exceeding 0.1% per annum and compatibility with a wide range of gas and fluid media
  • Operates at ranges from 0-4,000 bar (0- 58,015.1 psi)

Silicon Version

  • Sensing element features silicon diaphragm into which pressure-dependent resistors have been diffused
  • Cost-effective solution for high-volume manufacturing, and especially suited to large-batch production
  • Suited to non-aggressive gas and fluid media, operating at ranges from 0.1-40 bar (1.45-580.15 psi)
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