Three-Component Triaxial Force Links

Kistler USA announces recent enhancements to three-component triaxial force link product offerings.

Kistler U 10169219

Kistler Instrument Corp. has announced recent enhancements to its three-component triaxial force links to include expanded measurement capabilities from ±1.8k to ±33.7k lbf and other design enhancements for greater measurement flexibility and performance.

  • Compact, fully calibrated and preloaded for reliable high-precision dynamic force measurements in three orthogonal directions, in both tension and compression modes, across a variety of applications, regardless of the acting point of the force, with a large useable frequency range
  • All dynamic sensing elements are housed in a rust-free, sealed stainless steel housing.
  • Improved resolution
  • Expanded operating temperature range of -40 to 248 F
  • Reduced hysteresis
  • Optional IP67 rated environmental sealing and plug connection via highly robust V3 multi-pole connector
  • Drop-in replacements for legacy models, and use the same cable type as those with Types 93x7C already introduced
  • Typical applications include cutting force measurements within metal cutting processes; crash test collision forces; rocket motor recoil forces; vibrating table and friction forces; road and test bed vehicle force; and wind tunnel balance applications
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