Model IPG1 and IPG2 Industrial Pressure Sensors

Honeywell introduces its IP Series of industrial pressure sensors which include the IPG1 and IPG2 models.

Honeywellippressuresensors Gro 10716125

Honeywell has expanded its industrial pressure sensor portfolio with the Honeywell IP Series of industrial pressure sensors, which include the model IPG1 and IPG2 sensors. 

  • Offers reliable, repeatable pressure measurements
  • Pre-configured with popular features and options for typical industrial monitoring applications
  • Provides accuracies of 0.15% (model IPG1) and 0.25% (model IPG2)
  • Includes temperature in its Total Error Band (TEB) configuration, offering increased measurement confidence and eliminating need for supplementary calculations by user
  • Compatible with wide range of media including liquids, chemicals, and gases
  • Performs in demanding environments where consistent measurements over changing temperature ranges or spikes is essential
  • Applications include heavy equipment hydraulic and pneumatic monitoring and process monitoring (such as hydraulic, pneumatic, fluid, tank, and leaks)
  • CE certified 
  • Available in common psi (5 to 10,000) and bar (0.5 to 700) ranges
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