86A Absolute Pressure Sensor

Measurement Specialties has added an "absolute" version of its 86A pressure sensor to its product lineup.

Measurementspecialties 86a Abs 10754946

Measurement Specialties Inc. has released an “absolute” pressure type for its existing model 86A pressure sensor.

  • ASIC calibrated
  • Mountable with o-ring seals for high performance, low pressure applications
  • Uses silicone oil to transfer pressure from its 316L stainless steel diaphragm to its sensing element
  • For applications such as level controls, tank level measurement, corrosive fluids and gas measurement systems, manifold pressure measurement
  • Gage type reference has pressure range of 0 to 150 psi
  • Absolute type reference ranges from 15 to 150 psi
  • Operating temperature ranges from -40 C to 125 C
  • Features ±0.25% pressure non-linearity and up to ±3.0% Total Error Band (over a compensated temperature range of 0 to 105 C)
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