Miniature High Intensity Piezoresistive Pressure Microphone

Meggitt Sensing Systems debuts Endevco miniature high intensity piezoresistive pressure microphone.

Meggittse 10168845

Meggitt Sensing Systems, a Meggitt group division, has introduced the Endevco model 8510B, a miniature, rugged, high-sensitivity piezoresistive pressure microphone, designed for the precision measurement of high-intensity sound within a variety of demanding environments.

  • Available ranges of 1, 2 and 5 psig
  • Offers a 300 mV full scale output
  • Range of at least 100 to 190 dB SPL
  • Rugged four-active arm strain bridge design is diffused in a sculptured silicon diaphragm
  • Integral temperature compensation from -18 to 93 C (0 to 200 F)
  • High resonance frequencies for accurate measurements over the full audio range, with five times minimum burst pressure and 20,000 g shock survivability
  • Uses a 10-32 thread (metric threads available on custom order) for convenient mounting within space constrained environments
  • Permits flush mounting on flat or contoured surfaces for boundary layer measurements in flight test, wind tunnels and engine inlet acoustic studies
  • 30-inch integral cable is standard; custom lengths available on request
  • Comes standard with a vent tube, which can be vented to the ambient atmosphere or connected to a standard reference manifold


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