PathFindIR II Thermal Night Vision System

The FLIR Systems PathFindIR II thermal night vision system alerts drivers to road hazards at night up to four times the distance as a vehicle's headlights.

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FLIR Systems announces the release of the PathFindIR II thermal night vision system.

  • Uses nighttime video analytics algorithms to provide automated detection and alerts of road hazards at night from up to four times farther away than with just the vehicle’s headlights
  • Nighttime pedestrian detection feature can be configured to automatically display alarms that alert drivers when the system detects a person nearing or crossing the vehicle’s path
  • Can be installed in a wide variety of vehicles including trucks or those used in industrial applications such as mining 
  • In mining applications it can see through dark and dust so haul trucks and shovel and scoop vehicles can operate safely and efficiently without endangering people walking near mining vehicles


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