GKD Technologies Series 2HS Intelligent Height and Slew Restrictor

The Series 2HS provides intelligent height and slew limiting, using high-accuracy sensors and safety software.

Series 2 Hs
GKD Technologies

GKD Technologies introduces the Series 2HS for reliable height and slew control, designed specifically for the construction industry.

  • Provides intelligent height and slew limiting using dedicated high-accuracy sensors and GKD’s safety-focused software
  • Features easy-to-use interface to provide visual and audible warnings when limits are approached
  • Fully responsive 4.3 in., high brightness LCD touchscreen includes easy-to-read graphical interface displaying both height and slew parameters
  • Interactive menu screens provide easy selection and setting of features
  • Designed to pre-empt movement, ensuring limits are anticipated, and motion cuts are implemented so that the pre-set limits are not reached but the machine is still able to move within safe limits
  • Monitors and controls the working height and rotation of machinery to ensure safe operation on site
  • Enables machine operators or site managers to set safe working height and slew limits for heavy machinery, either by dialing in or manually
  • Offers flexibility of parallel or multipoint virtual walls
  • For use on a range of construction machinery, including tracked or wheeled excavators, backhoe loaders, and other articulated boom machines
  • Can be fitted to multiple boom configurations, including multi-section, swing, and offset booms
  • Supervisor key switch enables limits to be set and not overridden and disable key switch allows system to be switched off when not required
  • Includes digging depth indication to reduce over-digging of trenches
  • Data logging function updates at 1-second intervals, providing useful data and actionable insight to progressively manage safety onsite

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