Stoneridge-Orlaco SideEye Active Turn Assist System

SideEye uses a combination of radar and camera to detect objects in the passenger side blindspot of a truck and help improve safety.

2020 Stoneridge Orlaco Sideeye 3

Stoneridge-Orlaco introduces its active camera- and radar-detection system ‘SideEye’ to reduce blind-spots and increase safety.

  • Actively alerts driver when cyclists, pedestrians or other road users are present in the blind spot of the truck
  • Certified Kraftfart-bundesamt (KBA) turn assist system
  • Consists of a combination of radar signals, audio signals and camera images
  • Short Range radar unit transmits 24-GHz radar signals at low power and receives radio signals reflected by objects
  • Signals received allow radar unit to detect people and objects and determine whether they are moving
  • Radar unit is designed to process these radar detections within 300 ms, allowing drivers to respond immediately and prevent accidents
  • Monitor overlay indicates on the strategically placed 7 in. display that there is someone in the blind spot
  • Two different overlays available - default overlay consists of red marking lines or driver can choose an overlay with a warning triangle
  • Provides visual and audible alerts for drivers as soon as other road users are detected in the truck’s detection zone on the passenger side 
  • Camera is mounted on passenger side of vehicle, covering the blind spot zone next to the truck
  • Single short range radar unit is mounted on or near the rear mudguard
  • Works effectively in poor visibility conditions
  • Rugged design is developed to operate under toughest condition
  • Stoneridge-Orlaco’s SRD interface box integrates radar alerts directly into the image on existing monitors via visual overlays and acoustic signals

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