Twin Turbo Lighted Alarm

Floyd Bell's Twin Turbo Lighted Alarm pairs bright red light with ultra loud sound.

Fb Frenell Twin Turbo 10277156
Floydbell 10281827

Floyd Bell’s patented Twin Turbo Lighted Alarm is a small (approx. 1 in. x 1 in.) panel-mount piezoelectric audio alert that emits a daylight-viewable bright red light when activated.

  • Combines Turbo series alarms with Turbo Light Series Panel Indicators into one device
  • Available in seven different tone types
  • Sound output measures up to 103dB at 2 ft
  • Operates at various voltages in  9V to 30V DC range while drawing only 50 to 110mA
  • Illuminated enclosure creates “halo” design that distributes light and allows it to be seen from the side, for 180 degree dispersion
  • Features durable polycarbonate plastic casing
  • Front-mount panel indicator is tamper-proof to IP68 and creates NEMA 4X seal when installed
  • Available in choice of quick-connect or screw terminals
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