NTM Hydrogen Alarm System

The Hydrogen Alarm System from NTM Sensors uses a separate sensor that can be placed closer to where hydrogen accumulates for better accuracy.

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NTM Sensors, a division of NexTech Materials, Ltd., offers the NTM Hydrogen Alarm System, a complete hydrogen monitoring solution. The alarm system is provided with the NTM SenseH2 hydrogen sensor and all system components required for a safe, reliable, and simple installation. 

  • Detects and alarms when hydrogen level reaches 1% and 2%
  • Uses LED lights, audible alarm and two external relays that can activate separate ventilation system or external alarms/lights
  • Alarm box mounts in easily visible and accessible location while separate hydrogen sensor can be placed in a space where hydrogen is more likely to accumulate
  • Uses NTM SenseH2 hydrogen sensor that incorporates chemi-resistive ceramic technology which results in high selectivity, rapid response and recovery, and accuracy 
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