All Time Vision Camera

The Orlaco All Time Vision Camera features a self-cleaning mechanism to ensure non-stop vision feedback in dusty and dirty environments.

Orlaco has officially unveiled its All Time Vision Camera (ATVC).

  • Provides non-stop vision feedback for vehicle operators constantly working in dusty, dirty, snowy or rainy conditions
  • Delivers uninterrupted real-time camera images from the rear of the vehicle, no matter the weather or working conditions
  • Features integrated solution to clean itself
  • Lens is built in a glass tube which rotates when the cleaning cycle is activated
  • During cleaning cylce fluid is sprayed onto the glass surface through a nozzle and integrated wiper wipes clean the surface 
  • Designed to be applied as a rearview camera and is set to Mirror Mode
  • Adapts easily to third party monitors
  • Can also be used as a side camera



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