RadarEye Active Camera Monitor System

Orlaco has updated its RadarEye active camera monitor system to include improved activation and overlays, as well as an external speaker.

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Orlaco has updated the software package for its RadarEye active camera monitor system that included improved overlays and activiation, and an external speaker.

  • Sends vision and detection feedback in real-time to vehicle operator’s dashboard monitor
  • Activates transparent visualization as soon as a person enters radar zone
  • Operator will hear a signal and see on screen that someone has stepped into the radar zone
  • Five pre-programmed overlays can be selected
  • Default visual warnings come across as dots, which are displayed at the top right of the monitor
  • Overlays can be selected in the radar menu camera settings, and is dependant on the setup of the sensors, as well as the mounting position of the sensors and the camera
  • External loudspeaker consists of two parts: an external speaker and an interface box, which comes with additional options such as an external output for a tower light
  • Loudspeaker features an LED light that flashes with the sound in the same tempo
  • Can now be switched to more sensors for improved system activation  


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