POSITAL Introduces New Generation of Absolute Encoders

The updated IXARC magnetic encoders feature improved performance (up to 18-bit resolution), energy efficiency and optimized Wiegand package featuring a newly developed ASIC that functions

IXARC Encoders
IXARC Encoders

Encoder-maker POSITAL has introduced a major update to its portfolio of IXARC magnetic encoders. While incremental encoders based on the new technology platform have been available for several months, the company is now rolling out a new generation of single and multiturn absolute encoders. These new encoders come with improved performance (up to 18-bit resolution), improved energy efficiency, and an optimized Wiegand package featuring a newly developed ASIC that functions as the logic controller for the battery-less multiturn system. The first absolute models released through the company's NEXTGEN initiative come with SSI communications interfaces. Other interfaces, including CANopen, fieldbus and industrial Ethernet will be introduced over the next few quarters.

A highlight of the IXARC magnetic encoders is the switch from Hall-effect sensors used for rotation sensing to more advanced TMR (tunneling magneto resistance) technology. TMR offers more precise measurement of magnetic field changes, lower temperature sensitivity and lower energy consumption, with the result that TMR-equipped encoders have higher resolution and more stable performance over a wide range of operating conditions. 

Another key innovation applied to the IXARC encoders is the introduction of a new ASIC, designed in-house to support battery-free rotation counting in multiturn models. Each time the encoder shaft completes a rotation, a Wiegand sensor connected to the ASIC provides both a signal pulse and enough electrical current to energize the counter circuitry in the ASIC. With this self-powered counter system, every shaft rotation is accurately recorded in non-volatile memory – even if rotations occur when system power is not available. No backup batteries required. The new ASIC was developed jointly with POSITAL’s sister company UBITO. 

The IXARC absolute encoders introduced as part of the NEXTGEN initiative are mechanically and electrically compatible with previous models.