POSITAL Kit Encoders

The POSITAL kit encoders' core components are available as separate assemblies for easy integration into other products.

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POSITAL’s family of kit encoders provide manufacturers of servomotors and other machinery with rugged, accurate and cost-efficient tools for building rotary position measurements into their products.

  • Based on POSITAL’s self-contained magnetic rotary encoders
  • Core components are available as separate assemblies that can be readily integrated into other products
  • More accurate and offer multi-turn measurement capabilities compared to resolvers
  • Provides digital outputs instead of analog signals produced by resolvers
  • Less costly, less vulnerable to contamination from oil or dust, and more resistant to shock and vibration than optical disk encoders
  • Provides all-electronic multi-turn absolute position measuring capability that evaluates full absolute angular position, including total number of shaft rotations
  • Rotation counter is powered by company’s Wiegand-effect energy harvesting technology so rotation counts are always accurate, even if rotations occur when external power is unavailable
  • Eliminates need for backup batteries or for geared optical disks used in some products
  • Easy to incorporate into normal manufacturing processes since encoders don’t require extra-precision and are near-cleanroom assembly conditions
  • Built-in self-calibration capability can compensate for small sensor-to-shaft alignment errors
  • Electronic components, including Hall-effect sensors, 32-bit microprocessor and Wiegand-wire energy harvesting system are packaged in 36 mm (1.4 in.) diameter, 24.2 mm (1 in.) deep unit
  • Special magnetic shield has been developed to isolate magnetic pickups of measurement system from external magnetic fields for servomotors with magnetic brakes
  • Resolution is 17 bit, with an accuracy of better than + 0.1 degree
  • Operating temperature range is -40-105 C (-40-221 F)
  • Available with variety of non-proprietary communications protocols, including BISS, SSI and RS485-based protocols
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