SIKO WH58MR Absolute Safety Rotary Encoder

At bauma 2019, SIKO will debut its WH58MR encoder which meets EMC requirements for heavy-duty off-highway equipment.

Siko Wh58 Mr
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With the WH58MR, SIKO is presenting an absolute safety rotary encoder with a hollow shaft.

  • Can be fitted with hollow shaft of 10-15 mm (0.4-0.6 in.) open on one side as an option
  • External diameter of 58 mm (2.3 in.)
  • Includes M12 plug (single or with BUS IN/BUS OUT), and variants available with a cable outlet or customized plug connectors
  • Resistance to UV and high shock and vibration loads
  • Optional salt-spray-resistant housing available
  • Features protection type IP67
  • Based on PURE.MOBILE technology platform, meaning it meets EMC requirements for construction, forestry and agricultural machines, requirements of E1, and is based on wear-free, magnetic sensing technology
  • Can be equipped with additional functions, such as an integrated tilt sensor, DIP switches for configuration or digital inputs and outputs
  • Can be configured as single-turn or multiturn variant
  • Measurement range of 4,096 revolutions (12-bit multiturn) is broken down into 16,384 steps (14 bits) per revolution
  • Use of extremely reliable gear allows multiturn to capture information and continues delivering position values reliably for years, in contrast to battery-powered or self-contained multiturn technologies
  • Temperature range of -40-85 C (-40-185 F)
  • Two galvanically separated sensor units record positions entirely autonomously
  • Absolute position and speed are continuously sent to control system through interface
  • Choice between CANopen Safety, redundant CANopen or redundant SAE J1939 interface
  • Can be used for applications up to performance level “d” (PLd as per EN ISO 13849)

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