POSITAL Diverse-Redundant Absolute Encoders

POSITAL's diverse-redundant absolute encoders use a combination of magnetic and optical sensor technology to ensure safety.

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POSITAL has introduced diverse-redundant absolute encoders, based on non-certified standard components, for many installations where functional safety is required.

  • Combines with functional safety PLCs to suite use in applications that are required to conform to Performance Level/PL d, Cat. 3, according to ISO 13849
  • Contains two independent sensor systems for redundant operation
  • Measurements from two systems ​​are processed by a functional safety PLC
  • If both measured values are the same ​​(within defined tolerances), safe operation is assumed; if there are deviations, the controlling PLC triggers an alarm - with the option of transitioning the system to a defined safe condition
  • Makes use of a combination of magnetic and optical sensor technology to ensure safety
  • Applications include use in heavy construction equipment and mobile machines
  • Magnetic and optical sensor elements are integrated in a compact housing measuring 58 mm (2.3 in.) in diameter that is easy to install, offering a space-saving all-in-one solution
  • Resolution is 16 bits per revolution
  • Available with wide variety of mechanical options including robust housings with protection levels up to IP67, different connector types, and many flange and shaft variants
  • Communicates through CANopen interface
  • Suitable for harsh environments and wide temperature range
  • Magnetic encoder technology is inherently robust, while the optical components have been specially protected against condensation by the addition of an extra membrane
  • Both sensor elements are absolute encoders that measure the position value in single and in multi-turn mode – absolutely battery- and maintenance-free
  • Individual parameters - like the exact specifications for activating the 'Safe State' function - can be programmed into the PLC by the system integrator
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