OPTOCODE Absolute Rotary Encoders

OPTOCODE single- and multi-turn rotary encoders provide extraordinary accuracy and a wide range of communication options.

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POSITAL FRABA 56cf5586b503f

POSITAL announces that its OPTOCODE rotary encoders with PROFINET IO interfaces are now certified for IRT (isochronous real-time) data transfer protocols.

  • Support RT and NRT (real-time/non-real-time) data transfers
  • Cycle times as low as one millisecond
  • Unit parameters are set via the control system with the use of a GSDML device file
  • Bootloader enables the installation of firmware updates via FTP
  • Integrated switch automatically recognizes crossover or standard Ethernet cable connections
  • 58 mm in diameter
  • Don't require a connection cap, terminating resistors or switches for address allocation
  • Operate without backup batteries
  • Instantly report current absolute position values, even after startup or power failure
  • Available with special casings for demanding environments
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