PMIS4/PMIR5 Magnetic Rotary Sensor

ASM Sensors introduces its latest magnetic sensor for rotary applications, the PMIS4/PMIR5.

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Asmsensors 10055038

Sensor specialist ASM extends its magnetic POSIROT position sensors range with the addition of the PMIS4/PMIR5, an incremental, non-contact measuring system developed specifically for rotary applications.

  • Offers high EMC protection, large guiding distance tolerance and signal performance up to 327,680 pulses/360 degrees
  • Consists of sensor head PMIS4 and an incremental magnetic ring PMIR5
  • Sensor head is made of a fully enclosed, shielded metal housing
  • Features high protection against electromagnetic interference, thermal overload and has protection class IP67
  • Guiding distance is ± 1 mm
  • Available output types are HTL, TTL and TTL24V 
  • PMIR5 magnetic ring comes in three sizes with flange sizes of 83, 133 or 233 mm
  • Available with decadic, binary or degree division
  • Provides reach corresponding of 131,072 pulses/360 degrees, 196,608 pulses/360 degrees or 327,680 pulses/360 degrees
  • Temperature range is -40 C to 85 C
  • Provides maximum pulse frequency of 480 kHz
  • Magnetic operation ensures resistance to contamination from oil and dust
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