HS35S Sin/Cos Encoder

Baumer introduces its latest hollow shaft encoder, the HS35S Sin/Cos Encoder, which is well suited for motor and drive control.

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Baumer has introduced the high performance HS35S Sin/Cos Encoder to its family of incremental hollow shaft encoders.

  • Well suited for motor and drive control in a range of heavy-duty industries and harsh environments
  • Ultra-precise optical scanning system delivers Sin/Cos 1 V P-P output for exact positioning systems
  • Provides absolute accuracy to  60 arc seconds at a very high dynamic frequency
  • Offers 1,024, 2,048 or 5,000 Sinusoids per revolution, and harmonic distortion of better than 1%
  • Low harmonic technology provides best-in-class output with extremely low levels of analog distortion
  • Available with IP67 housings for wet environments
  • Withstands shocks up to 200g, high-pressure cleaning and ambient temperatures from -40 to 212 F
  • Heavy-duty standard housing features durable, powder-coated casting that withstands long-term exposure to harsh environments without corroding
  • Includes dual shaft seals, sealed lifetime bearings and available shaft cover
  • Available accessories include tethers, dust caps, mechanical protective covers and shaft adapter inserts
  • Comes in shaft sizes from 0.25 to 1.0 in., and can be customized using unique shaft inserts
  • Isolated shaft system protects bearings from pitting and wear caused by shaft eddy currents coming from the motor
  • Features a ShaftLock system, and large diameter ABEC5-rated bearings provide better than 60 arcsec output accuracy
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