POSITAL Heavy-Duty Absolute Rotary Encoders

FRABA's POSITAL heavy-duty absolute rotary encoders feature shock- and vibration-resistant magnetic measuring elements.

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FRABA introduces its POSITAL heavy-duty absolute rotary encoders.

  • Features shock- and vibration-resistant magnetic measuring elements housed in rugged 316L stainless steel housings
  • Well suited for use in harsh environments such as offshore facilities, seagoing vessels, construction equipment or military vehicles
  • Seals on shaft entry and cable connection (IP68 and IP69K level protection)
  • Capable of withstanding salt water, acid, dirt, dust, water jets and aggressive cleaning procedures
  • Mounted on sturdy ball-bearings, the shaft can withstand mechanical forces of up to 300 N (67 lbs.)
  • Provides 13-bit resolution (8,192 steps per revolution)
  • Multi-turn models are available with virtually unlimited range (limited only by memory size)
  • Internal rotation counter uses self-powered technology that enables device to keep track of its absolute position even when movement occurs during control system power outages
  • Eliminates need for backup batteries and reduces maintenance requirements
  • Available with simple serial (SSI) interface or more sophisticated CANopen, DeviceNet and SAE J1939 field bus interfaces
  • Analog interfaces (4-20mA or 0-10V) are also available
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