SIKO SG150 Wire-Actuated Encoder

SIKO's SG150 wire-actuated encoder includes "Wire-Flex" technology to ensure wire wear is kept to a minimum.

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The SG150 wire-actuated encoder from SIKO builds precisely upon previous versions and now provides a compact design for a measurement range up to 15 m, even with a single-layer winding.

  • Single unit can be used as a linear travel sensor in many applications as often there is no way to use controlled sensor systems for measurement 
  • Simple installation and management facilitates easy, flexible integration into existing systems
  • Various interfaces and output signals enable connection to a wide range of control systems
  • Includes necessary standard features for outdoor use
  • Working temperature range of -40 to 80 C
  • Robust aluminum die cast housing and drainage outlets can be used to remove fluids that get into device
  • “Wire-Flex” technology ensures wear on the wire is kept to a minimum, even if it pulls out at an angle
  • Conical shape of wire outlet and plastic coated steel wire ensure any deposits on wire can be removed easily
  • Internally the wire is wound in single layer on measuring drum which ensures high degree of linearity over entire measurement range



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