DIS Sensors QR Series Rotary Encoders

The DIS Sensors QR Series of rotary encoders are available with housings featuring the sensor and magnet separate from one another or with the magnet integrated into the rotating shaft of the housing.

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The QR Series of rotary encoders from DIS Sensors enable contact-free measurement of an angular displacement from 0-360 degrees without a mechanical stop.

  • Two types of housing are available
  • QR30 housing features sensor and magnet mounted separately from each other
  • QR40 housing has magnet integrated into rotating shaft in the housing
  • Measurement range is 0–360 degrees (subranges possible)
  • Energy supply is 5V DC or 10-30V DC
  • Features analog output of 0.5-4.5V, 0–5V or 4-20 mA
  • Digital output is PWM, AB pulse (32–1,024 ppr) push/pull
  • Features IP67 level of protection


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