Incremental and Absolute Rotary Encoder Configurator

Wachendorff's configurator for incremental and absolute rotary encoders is cable of storing combinations of technical features and generate data sheets based on users' specifications.

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With its configurator for incremental and absolute rotary encoders, Wachendorff Automation is able to offer design engineers and developers genuine added value compared with conventional configurators of the same class.

  • Able to recall previous data
  • Programming holds a complete store of the combination of all the technical features and is capable of combining them (over 1.5 million possibilities), using an intelligent logic to manage them
  • Rules out any errors during configuration process
  • Identifies devices that may be considered after just a few entries
  • Generates data sheet that is individually tailored to a configured rotary encoder
  • Clicking a product type transfers selection criteria chosen in advance during preselection to the 'product level' and therefore 'remembers' them
  • Product page is developed individually for user based on data, offering the possibility to continue configuring and/or generate individual data sheet at any time
  • Explanatory fields also offer effective electrical and mechanical information, enabling users the ability to put together specific rotary encoder based on actual requests and requirements
  • Configured data sheet can be saved as a PDF document or printed out
  • Status of the configuration can be documented in a PDF at any time 
  • Available on Wachendorff Automation's website and in four different languages (German, English, French and Spanish)






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