LMS SCADAS Durability Recorder

Lmsscadasdurabilityrecorder 10058228

LMS announces its mobile durability data acquisition solution - the LMS SCADAS durability recorder.

  • Fully resistant to water, dust, dirt, shock, vibrations
  • Combination of strain-based, vibration and displacement measurements in one system
  • MIL-STD-810F compliancy
  • LEMO connectors ensure vibration-resistant cable connections
  • No PC required during measurement, all acquired data and the conversation formats are saved on solid-state CompactFlash memory cards
  • Includes the LMS SCADAS Smart Control, a Windows Mobile PDA solution to monitor and validate data in real-time during and directly after measurements
  • Users can expand the system from mobile data acquisition for durability to human body vibration testing, sound power homologation, structural and modal analysis, and rotating machinery testing
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