MP220 Series High Current Switch

Microprecision Electronics introduces its latest MP200 Series high current switch which includes a single pole double break electrical circuit.

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Microprecision Electronics (Wilbrecht LEDCO Inc.) is introducing a variation of its industrial high current switches of the MP200 Series featuring a single pole double break electrical circuit.

  • Allows double break of two independent electrical circuits up to 10A/250V AC
  • Fast snap-action mechanism changes from break to make position
  • Standard version is currently IP67 sealed, and an improved sealing for IP68 applications with a strengthened cable exit is also available
  • Available in a standard micro switch size housing with a large range of possible actuators and a four-wire potted cable in PVC, PUR or SI
  • EN61058 certified for 250V AC/10A
  • Features operating temperature range of -40 to 130 C
  • UL certification under the new UL61058 norm is planned for the future 
  • Provides high precision, small differential travel and long mechanical life
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