KISSLING High Voltage Relays

KISSINGLY has introduced high voltage relays for use in applications over 250V which features a non-gas-filled design to ensure safe and long-term operation.

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KISSLING announces the release of its high voltage relay, specially designed to meet or exceed the most demanding requirements in critical applications on hybrid and electric vehicles.

  • Resolves difficulties that occur with increasing high‐voltage applications (over 250V) in buses, fleet vehicles and other heavy equipment where the arcing that occurs while switching high voltages can destroy switch contacts
  • Can switch up to 5,000 times under 500V DC at 300A current
  • Non‐gas‐filled design featuring all‐ceramic contact chamber for safe and long‐term operation
  • Features minimized burn time of switching arc
  • Achieves exceptionally long product lifecycle by refining propulsion system and blow out magnets
  • Includes integrated pulse width modulation (PWM) for reduced energy consumption on coil
  • Auxiliary contacts can be used to monitor relay status and switching cycles


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