Littelfuse ADR Battery Disconnect Switch

The ADR Battery Disconnect Switch connects and disconnects the electric circuit to and from the battery.

Littelfuse Battery Discconect Switch Adr 08075360
Littelfuse Inc.

The ADR Battery Disconnect Switch from Littelfuse is a bistable/magnetic, current isolating switch designed for dangerous goods carriage vehicles.

  • ON-OFF position uses a minimum current when it is turned on and zero when off
  • “Magnetic ON-OFF position” absorbs current only during the commuting phase, when switched from (OFF) to (ON) and vice versa
  • Connects/disconnects the electric circuit to/from the battery
  • One P/N can be utilized for both 12 and 24V
  • Positive disconnection switch available either as a base unit or complete kit with ATEX compliant chassis switch, cabin toggle switch, switch protection cover, and harnesses
  • Switch OFF programmable delay available for Non-ADR applications
  • Integrated 7-way DIN connector        
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