AutoVue Lane Departure Warning System

Bendix's AutoVue Lane Departure Warning System automatically alerts vehicle operators when they unintentionally drift into another lane.

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Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems (Bendix CVS) LLC has added the AutoVue Lane Departure Warning (LDW) System to its portfolio of commercial vehicle safety technologies.

  • Vision-based system that links a camera with a 60-degree field of view to an onboard computer
  • Uses image recognition software to track visible lane markings
  • Continually monitors a vehicle’s position and detects when it begins to drift toward an unintended lane change
  • Emits distinctive “rumble strip” or other audible warning to alert driver to make a correction when unintential lane change detected
  • Effective day and night, and in most weather conditions where lane markings are visible – even in low-visibility situations such as fog or rain
  • Recognizes both solid and dashed shoulder lines, centerlines and lines between lanes, even if they are heavily faded
  • When operating on snow-covered roadways, system senses it can't see lines, goes into a disabled state, and notifies driver by lighting up orange reduced-function light
  • Optimized to nearly eliminate false alarms by sensing activated turn signal for planned lane changes and disabling warnings when speed is less than 37 mph
  • Alert sounds when vehicle drifts in opposite direction of activated turn signal
  • Can be linked to SafetyDirect fleet management web portal
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