GCSFlex Grade Control System

At INTERMAT 2012, Trimble introduced its GCSFlex Grade Control System which uses GPS guidance to accurately determine digging depth, slope and alignment.

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Trimble has introduced an innovative system configuration for the GCSFlex Grade Control System. The addition of GPS guidance extends the system’s functionality and allows users to work faster and with more freedom than other traditional laser-referenced grade control systems for excavators.

  • Features GPS guidance and in-field design templates created directly from cab on Trimble CB450 Control Box
  • Enables operator to accurately dig to a desired depth, slope or alignment without creating a digital design in the office
  • Eliminates much of the prep work before the job and grade checking after
  • Uses 2D mode rather than 3D for more flexibility
  • Allows machine movement without being tethered to a bench point on the ground or a laser transmitter with range limits
  • Includes CB450 Control Box; angle sensors on boom, stick and bucket; MS972 GNSS Smart Antenna on cab roof; and SNM940 Connected Site Gateway for receiving GPS
  • Subscription services communicate GPS corrections via cellular connection to SNM940 and eliminate need for a base station
  • Display software provides step-by-step instructions to create in-field design template for excavating 
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