X-33 3D GPS Indicate Control System

Topcon's X-33 3D GPS indicate control system utilizes GNSS satellite technology to ensure proper grade control.

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Topcon Positioning Group announces the release of the X-33 3D GPS indicate control system for excavator control.

  • Includes Topcon’s GX-30 control box and TS-i3 sensors
  • GX-30 features a full-color touchscreen display
  • TS-i3 sensors have no moving components, offer single and dual-axis measurement modes, and include convenient LED status indicators
  • Utilizes GNSS satellite technology
  • MC-i3 GNSS receiver with Vanguard technology provides flexibility in satellite signal tracking and is Sitelink3D ready for integration into Topcon’s real-time 3D management solution
  • Establishes grade faster and ensures operator stays on grade
  • Eliminates over-excavation and controls material usage, allowing user to ‘see’ exact position of the machine on site and the bucket position at all times
  • Operator can select to visualize the plan, profile, or sectional view and use the dual grade indicators for elevation control when detailed information is required
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