TRACK-Leader AUTO Automatic Steering System

Mueller-Elecktronik introduces its range of automatic steering systems, TRACK-Leader AUTO which can be used with most agricultural machinery.

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Mueller-Elektronik introduces TRACK-Leader AUTO, a highly accurate automatic steering system that meets the highest demands of the modern farmer

  • TRACK-Leader AUTO Pro, TRACK-Leader AUTO Iso and TRACK-Leader AUTO eSteer complete the product range 
  • For use with almost any type of machine
  • Guarantees highly accurate results 
  • TRACK-Leader AUTO Pro is a hydraulic version 
  • TRACK-Leader AUTO Iso is an upgraded version for tractors and machines that are auto steer ready and only need to be equipped with a steering computer
  • TRACK-Leader AUTO eSteer is an electric wheel motor, which can be installed on any machine quickly and easily, and can be retrofitted and moved from machine to machine to ensure maximum utilization 
  • Includes six-axis gyroscope which facilitates assembly and is responsible for the steering
  • Gyroscope detects all movements of the machine, roll, pitch and yaw, and regardless of the driven path it compensates on uneven and hilly terrain
  • TRACK-Leader AUTO eSteer consists of a brushless drive, which operates almost silently and combines high torque with low power consumption 
  • Made possible through introduction of new GPS receivers, models A101, AG-STAR and SMART-6L


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